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Discover the ultimate experience of professional training, co-living, and co-working at Gresys Hub, just an hour's drive from Lisbon in the beautiful area of Cadaval. Our boot camps will empower you to excel in the tech and startup world.

Tech & Entrepreneurship
with our Boot Camps

Our intensive boot camps cover the most in-demand skills in technology and entrepreneurship. You will learn from industry experts while collaborating with like-minded individuals in a supportive, immersive environment.


Learn from Experienced Professionals

Our team of highly qualified instructors comes from leading tech companies and startups. With their extensive knowledge and insights, they will guide you to success in the tech and entrepreneurship space.

Internship and Job Opportunities

Launch Your Career with our Internship Program

As a Gresys Hub graduate, you'll have the opportunity to join our three-month internship program, which can lead to a one-year job contract. Gain real-world experience and make valuable connections in the industry.


Thrive in the Growing Tech Industry

The demand for skilled professionals in the tech and entrepreneurship fields continues to rise. Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel in this rapidly expanding market.

The European tech industry is expected to create2.8 Mnew jobs by 2025

100%Higher salaries than other occupations

100%Higher salaries than other occupations

75%Companies plan to increase their investment in digital transformation

Industry Partners and Associations

Gresys Hub is proud to partner with leading companies and organizations in the tech and entrepreneurship space. Our strong industry connections ensure our boot camps are aligned with current market demands and trends.

Any questions?
Check out the FAQs

Find answers to your questions about our boot camps, internship program, startup support, and co-live/co-work facilities.

Gresys Hub offers tech boot camps focused on web development and entrepreneurship. Our boot camp is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge for participants to become proficient in a specific field.

A Gresys Hub boot camp includes a comprehensive curriculum, practical training sessions, hands-on projects, co-workings, and co-living options for participants who need accommodations. Participants also have access to experienced trainers and a supportive community of peers.

Gresys Hub boot camps vary in duration, but we usually have 3 months boot camps and 6 months. The length of the boot camp depends on the topic and the depth of knowledge covered.

Yes, we offer financial aid and scholarships for eligible participants. Please check the boot camps Page on our website or contact us for more details on how to apply.

Yes, Gresys Hub has partnerships with various companies in the tech industry and can help connect participants with job opportunities after completing a boot camp and mentorship. We also offer a 3 months internship to those who complete the training successfully and a possibility of a one-year contract with us.

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